Prof. Krastyo Mirski № 3


The representative common areas, designed with care for the safety of the residents, with a friendly entrance hall with a concierge and a visionary for access, lead to luxury elevators, allowing a direct connection between the garages and the apartments. The provided presence of a porter, professional security and video surveillance of the entrances and the adjacent terrain contribute to the quality of everyday life.

Rough construction phase certification act 14 signed on the 1st of July 2022

Cree Sofia creates opportunities to claim and fulfill individualized solutions for area and internal distribution of the dreamed home. Four different types of distribution of the residential floors are shown, and the distribution in type 1 is accepted as standard.

In a new for the country architectural approach floor options are proposed with more representative living rooms with open or closed kitchen part, with more compact or more deployed bedrooms, with the possibility of dressing rooms and private bathrooms and/or service rooms.

Fully developed sample interior solutions are shown, with particular attention paid to the details contributing to the feeling of in the home warmth and joy of the new dwelling. Experienced designers and architects of the company are ready to provide accompaniment to the full spatial realization of each individualized object.

All prices of the proposed allocations are formed on a floor basis depending on the area and location by floor and include 20% VAT. All specific changes requested during construction are subject to individual agreement and bidding.